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Children dentistry In Liverpool, Baulkham hills

Children’s Dentistry is an important part of our practice at Apex Dental Centre. Our practices are known for providing the highest possible standard of kids dental care. We achieve this through our clinical expertise and on-going continuing education.

We believe that prevention is the best approach and we encourage routine and regular check-ups with our friendly dentists and staff. From infants to teens, routine and regular check-ups reduce the need for more expensive treatment in the future. The earlier the children start, the easier it is. Caring for your children is what we do to the highest degree at Apex Dental centre.

The best care we can provide to our young patients is prevention. Since the best filling is no filling at all, our goal is to have your child reach adulthood with a cavity-free smile. You are welcome to bring your child as soon as their baby teeth erupt. We start early to familiarise a child with the dental environment and to educate you about fluoride, diet, a child’s development, and hygiene needs. The best time to bring your child to the dentist is around 6 months after their first tooth erupts, or even earlier than that if you are worried about their developing oral health.

At Apex Dental Centres,

We provide the following kids’s dental services:

  • Diagnostic children’s dentistry services like examination and x-rays
  • Preventative dental services like instructions and demonstration of brushing and flossing techniques
  • Remineralising treatments like fluoride applications.
  • Protective treatments like fissure sealants and mouth guards.
  • Restorative children’s dentistry like restorations and pediatric crowns

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